How to spot a cyst

Cysts are round, benign lumps that form under the skin and can appear anywhere on the body, sometimes with a dark spot in the middle. They contain fluid or pus but unlike spots, they cannot and must not be squeezed in case of infection.  The best way to remove them is via surgery, but this operation is not usually offered by the NHS as cysts are classified as cosmetic. However, many patients that we see privately here at The Yorkshire Skin Hospital describe how their confidence has been lifted following the expert removal of their cyst.

Types of cysts

Cysts can vary in size from a few centimetres to much larger and most often occur on the back, head, and neck. They can be unsightly and interfere with everyday tasks, such as brushing your hair or wearing jewellery.

The most common types of cysts we see at the The Yorkshire Skin Hospital include those that occur in the top layer of skin, called Epidermoid cysts and those that form in a hair follicle, which are called Pilar cysts. Both are easily and painlessly treatable.

Treatment of cysts

The best treatment for cysts is to have them surgically removed. There will be a brief injection prior to surgery to anaesthetise the area, please note the removal is performed under local rather than general anaesthetic.

The most efficient way to ensure whether this is the right pathway for you is to book a Free, 15-Minute Initial Skin Consultation with our Skin Surgeon, Dr Colin Wright, who will assess the area to be treated and advise on cost, procedure, and recovery time. To proceed, please fill out the application form below. Our consultations can be held in person, in the clinic in West Yorkshire, or via our secure online platform, Cliniko. We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.

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