At Yorkshire skin Hospital we understand your concern and discomfort you can get from Ganglions, Ganglions are non cancerous lumps or cysts that typically form near joints or tendons, they are normally filled with a thick jelly fluid and can vary in size.

Treatment for ganglions depends on how much pain you are in and how bothersome they become .Sometimes ganglions may not cause pain or limit movement. If you are are not in pain we can just monitor the ganglion.

The way we treat ganglions if you are in pain or is getting in the way of your life or is becoming bothersome. Aspiration of a ganglion. involves using a needle to drain the fluid from the Ganglion .This procedure can be done under local anaesthetic and is a relatively simple procedure.

Surgical removal in cases where ganglions are large and causing significant pain or reoccurring after certain treatments .The surgical removal involves removing a portion of the joint capsule or tendon sheath from where the ganglion originates.

At Yorkshire skin Hospital our experienced surgeons specialise in diagnosing and treating ganglions we provide personalised care and work closely with our patients to get the best possible outcome for our patients.

If you suspect you have a ganglion or are experiencing any symptoms related to it we recommend scheduling a FREE ASSESSMENT appointment which can be taken on Tuesdays or request a video consultation.

Please note that this information provided is for general information purposes only , we advise you to always seek our medical health professional for a proper evaluation and treatment plan